Yes, and on condition both names appear on all documentation and there is consent by both parties. That includes the document, listed below.

When you go under Debt Review the NCR list you us Debt Review on the National Credit Bureaus, it will have an effect on the common estate and therefore it is advisable that consent is received from the spouse. Both spouse’s income and expenses will be taken into consideration.

No, it’s not required as the consumer’s are married out of community of property, but the consumer’s expenses must be divided proportionally with his/her spouse’s if the spouse receive an income.

Then the legal implication is that in the application of the consumer who applies for debt review, the 2nd applicant to the bond contribution towards the bond must be declared, but this will not affect his credit records at all and he will not be placed under debt review

Yes, only as Debt review! But your name will be cleared as soon as all the debt under Debt review is settled in full and the debt counsellor issues you a clearance certificate.

Yes, a cheque account is seen as credit facility and it can happen that sometimes that cheque accounts are frozen by banks, and if your salary is paid in that bank account the bank can use the money on arrear accounts, however we can always get the funds cleared it will only take 3-5 working days.

When a summons has been issued and received by the consumer.

We will include these debts in your proposals as a statuary deduction, to make provision for payment and or reach agreement with attorneys for debt repayment depends on the credit provider.

Then our Attorney can bring an application in court to minimize the monthly instalments.

The Credit Provider cannot black list you if you are under Debt review.

No, the Consumers have protection under the credit Act.

Loans and other credit from banks, including mortgages, overdrafts, credit cards, vehicle finance and any other personal finance. Furniture finance, clothing accounts and any other type of credit from retailers. Micro-loans and pawn transitions, any other type of credit or loan provided to a consumer.