Our History

10 years ago Leana van Wyk started debt counselling. Leana saw the detrimental effect debt was having on people’s quality of life while working for a Debt collecting firm.

When the legislation for debt counselling came into play she immediately knew, this was going to be a great way to assist people protect their assets and help them maintain quality of life.

Leana has through the years grown with the industry, working through bumps and breathing through growing pains. She has recently been recognised as a leading expert in the industry by being in the top 5 debt counsellors of the country in the medium debt counsellor’s category. Debt Wise Group is honoured to be recognised by the NCR credit providers and fellow debt counsellors in the industry.

“Thank you to all who support the Debt Wise Group, we aim to help South Africans become rehabilitated in the way they handle their debt all the while making sure quality of life is not lost in the process”  Leana van Wyk  NCRDC652

Our Mission

Debt Wise group have friendly and qualified experts who will listen to your situation and concern’s.

Debt Wise group is passionate about making a difference in people’s lives, therefore we will go that extra mile to assist you in debt counselling and protect you by law.

We understand
Many people feel embarrassed about their debt situation and the fact that they have got into the situation in the first place. We keep your information and debt counselling strictly confidential except from the necessary parties involved.

Our Focus

Debt Wise group is a company that focuses on quality of life. Making sure that our clients can experience a better quality of life through our debt relief and counselling program.